Mission Statement

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To supply our customers with high-quality chemicals.

To help create a better tomorrow by facilitating life sciences research.

To promote an internal culture of efficiency, integrity, and honesty.


Our People: To create a supportive and collaborative environment that nurtures critical thinking, ownership and innovation

Our Clients: To build long term relationships and serve as a trusted supplier

Our Inventory: To stock high-quality products that exceed the needs of our clients

Our Business: To become the leading supplier of high-quality chemicals for life science research


Collaboration: We are dedicated to working with others and creating a supportive environment where individuals can express their opinions and be themselves

Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes

Critical Thinking: We take the steps necessary to understand the broader scope of our work

Integrity: We are committed to act with fairness, honesty, and impartiality

Quality: We understand the importance of quality and continually strive to promote excellence in our work


We strive to maintain a supportive culture that nurtures collaboration and individual uniqueness. At CII, everyone is equal, has a voice and is expected to achieve excellence.